Mayanaiya Botanicals

We are a female collective of professional healers and clinical herbalists.

We are deeply committed to accessible wellness for all.

Herbalist formulated

Let Nature do Her thing...

Our modern world is running at an unnatural pace. Too often, we go-go-go until we become unable to function with ease and normalcy.
The result?
 Anxietydepression, sluggishness, digestive troubles, insomnia, irritabilityaches and pains,
lowered immune function, and more.
We use the tenets of classical herbal medicine to capture what Mother Nature intended for our bodies.

"I haven't felt that sort freedom from anxiety in a long time"

Amber, Upstate New York

"I've been struggling with sleep and then I met Tossing and Turning, The sleep was incredible!"

Carolina, Venice, CA

"Period pain and bloating, no more!"

Kim, Florida

Artisanal products from the Catskill Mountains

Mayanaiya Botanicals

Our vision is to educate and help people to open their minds to the power of plant based medicines. These traditions have served many cultures for thousands of years.

We use only the most conscientiously grown and harvested ingredients to produce our high quality, lab tested tinctures. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.