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We All Want to Feel Good

Picture this....

The body is like an old school clock with wheels, cogs, and springs. It’s meant to tick in harmony with Time- the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun. Each part has to be working properly for the whole to function optimally. 

When we push too hard, our wheels and cogs can’t always keep up. They can only move so fast before they go off the rails, get jammed, or give out. Whether we’re spinning out, lagging behind, or feeling stuck, the funk of being out of sync can have a domino effect.

Re-sync with your innate rhythm

Our goal is not to fix you or cure you, but to support your body to re-align and re-sync with its innate and natural rhythm.

Based on the 2,500 year old wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine whose premise is to help the body regain and maintain homeostasis, our tinctures work to smooth the flow of qi, blood, and fluids, to make little tweaks in your system so that the body can get back on track to fix and heal itself. 

You can learn more about the specific why's and the how's of this ancient system of medicine on the individual product pages and in our blog section.

Herbalist formulated

Our herbal team draws from over 60 collective years of patient stories and experiences, professional trials, errors, and successes to craft unique formulas that address the whole person and the most common root cause of patterns, not just symptoms. Our easy-to-take botanical remedies support your body, to affect positive changes in mood, and mind- from PMS and insomnia, to anxiety, digestive difficulties, aches and pain, and more.

Each formula has been 3rd party lab and human-tested for safety and efficacy.

Practitioner Approved

"Tossing & Turning has changed my sleep habits for the better, I wake up refreshed and alert."

C.V., Massage Therapist, Venice, CA

Scarlett Gripper works so well for my patients' menstrual cramps. It's kind of miraculous!

S.C. Acupuncturist, New York City

Anxzilla is amazing! It really takes the edge off"

J.Y, Herbalist, Woodstock, NY

Our Mission

As long standing clinical professionals in the field of health and wellness, our heart-mission has always been to support our patients, customers, friends, and families to find ease, health, and wellness in their whole being- mind, body, and spirit.

Deep compassionate listening is where we begin each journey with our patients. It is these stories and interactions that have informed each of our formulas.

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Who are we?

We are moms, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, herbalists, founders, keepers, stewards, and above all individuals who strive to bring the best of ourselves in all we do.

Quality Products

Formulated by a team of professional herbalists and made in CA and NY following stringent cGMP guidelines. Our herbs are always ethically and responsibly grown and gathered, organic whenever possible.

Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, No Fillers, No Flavors.

3rd party lab tested for purity and safety.