On a cellular level, our biology demands that we be in synch with circadian rhythms, the Earth’s electro-magnetic field, gravity, the ebbs and flows of the tides, and the seasons. Nothing on this planet is exempt from these forces. But modern living, with all of its conveniences and demands, has disconnected us from that which anchors us. Sure, we can push through, but not without compromising our well being. Our bodies are designed to take in life- to ingest, digest, process, sort, absorb, and eliminate- not just food, drink, and air but information, human interactions, emotions and experiences as well. When the body is overwhelmed, over-taxed, chronically stressed, while being under-nourished, unrested, and out of synch, it cannot perform these functions adequately. Little malfunctions in the internal systems add up over time, causing further breakdowns- and eventually, symptoms manifest. Headaches,  anxiety, tummy aches, sluggishness, digestive difficulties, difficulty sleeping, numbness and tingling, heart palpitations.... These are messages and alerts, like the warning lights on the dashboard of a car. 

Our herbal philosophy marries Classical Chinese Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine to help combat the effects of stressors found in modern life- stressors come in many forms, from physical pathogens to emotional toxicity, and mental duress.  The crux of wellness, balance, and harmony lies in the notion that we need to be right with our connection to Nature's rhythms. And Yin and Yang (rest and activity, coolness and warmth, night and day) within us also needs to be in right relationship for us to be healthy.  When balanced, our body functions, and we are blissfully unaware as it ticks along.  When these forces are out of balance, we feel unwell and disjointed. Luckily, a little tweak can have expansive effects. 

Each of our formulas are carefully constructed to support the body to do the work to address the most common root causes of symptoms we've seen in our patients over decades of practice. Adaptogenic herbs are added to support and nourish your body- to help it adapt and process stressors, so you can exhale the bad and inhale the good. 

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Mayanaiya Botanicals formulas were developed by master herbalists trained in both Classical Chinese Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine. All herbs have been third-party tested for safety and efficacy.  East Asian and Western herbs are blended to create a unique herbal alchemy. Each formula is rooted in ancient tradition and clinically tested for the modern world.  The result: easy, fast-working artisanal remedies for you to enjoy at your pace, at home, or on-the-go. Made in small-batches, our formulas are designed with a robust shelf-life if stored in accordance with instructions. Non-GMO, consciously and sustainably sourced.   
Allergen Warning: Manufactured in facilities that use tree nuts. Our facilities practice good manufacturing protocols and none of our herbs include nut oils.  For more information, please contact us.